Playing For All Occasions

The Parnas Ensemble performs not only in Czech Republic, but also abroad for variety of promoters and for various occasions, including concerts, weddings, meetings and charity concerts.


14 photosConcerts

The essential part of a life of any musician is – performing for public. As you could expect, concerts have become the most important and the most frequent way of performing for the Parnas Ensemble as well. And we enjoy playing for our audience, indeed.

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, we most often perform in our home town. In the last couple years, our two favourite concert houses have become Rudolfinum and Liechtenstein Palace. If you happen to come to Prague, don't miss our concert! For the concert dates, programmes and tickets, you can look at the website.

Tha Parnas has performed many times on concerts for charity as well.

If you are a concert promoter, please check the download section at the bottom of this page and contact us for more details.


15 photosTours around the globe

Our concert repertoire is formed not only by requests for concerts in Czech Republic, but for concert programmes abroad as well. As we have found out, the concert-goers around the globe have some very common musical requests, but they are still very different! Finding the differences is a great fun.

Czech musicians have a great credit abroad for there musicality, as well as for being able to perform Czech music probably the best in the world. Usually, we take plenty of music by A. Dvořák and B. Smetana with us on tour. The audience always wants to hear more Czech music!

Besides concerts, we also very often give masterclasses and workshops, especially for the young music students.

Having toured quite a lot, Japan has become one of our favourite destinations. Being so different to Europe, we find it very inspiring and are always looking forward to get on the road again!


10 photosWeddings and other events

Music has always been part of people's lives, and it is only natural, that music sounds on so many different occasions and celebrations. For its distinguished atmosphere, classical music suits so well for weddings, meetings, congresses and other similar events. No wonder that we have been part of many such events during the years. If you plan on organizing a wedding or some similar event in Central Europe, we recommend you also visit our dedicated website

Among our performances, there are many concerts for institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (awards to the foreign citizens for promoting the Czech Republic abroad in 2012), the city of Prague and many others.

Our international experience gives the guarantee of high professional level and carefulness of the repertoire choice.

For Various Occasions





We always carefully put the music programme together for each event – after we know the requests and wishes of our audience. The list of all the melodies and compositions performed by our ensemble would be very long, but we can offer most of the best known pieces of the last five centuries.

On concerts, we usually choose more classical compositions, for weddings and parties we select best known tunes and melodies arranged for our ensemble.

Some of the compositions and arrangements have been recorded on our CDs, including the Little Night Music by Mozart, but also music by Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert, Georges Bizet, Johannes Brahms, and of course our Czech composers Bedřich Smetana and Antonín Dvořák.

If you would like to get better sence of our music, we suggest you either listen to our CDs or come to a concert. We will be happy to send you the repertoire by e-mail as well. Don't hesitate to write us.